No, you must always use the correct interface cable between your UDH-100 and your machine.

All required cables are included when you purchase a UDS-100.

If you have doubts about which cable to use, please contact our support team.

No, the UDS-100 is only compatible with our UDH-100 USB-to-CAN interface.

No, a separate license is required for each computer.

Your software will continue working after your license has expired. However, it is highly recommended that you purchase a support pack.

An active license allows you to download any available updates and permits you to request support.

The RTC battery is not user serviceable. Your console unit must be sent to UMS. Contact us via the contact page.

The main (red) battery is disconnected for transport safety. It must be connected before first use.

Please check the UPC-100 user manual for instructions on connecting the main battery.

A list of supported machines is included in the corresponding UPI-xx user manual.

If your machine is not listed, you can always contact our support team for inquiries. We prioritize our development with respect to customer requests.

Go to the product page of your interface (e.g. UPI-JH). Click on “Activation Key” to purchase a year-long activation.